Divine Gardens

The Limited Edition Box Set

Mayumi Oda and the San Francisco Zen Center

ISBN: 978-1-94-152-9805
dimensions: 9 3/8” x 12 1/4”
publication date: October 3rd, 2017

Divine Gardens is a collection of essays and artwork celebrating the life and work of artist Mayumi Oda and her relationship with Buddhist practice in the Bay Area.

Full page reproductions of Oda’s work are paired with essays by San Francisco Zen Center and Green Gulch practitioners, including Richard Baker, Wendy Johnson, Edward Espe Brown, Linda Ruth Cutts, and Norman Fischer. The trade hardcover edition is accompanied by a new editioned etching titled Green Tara, created by the artist especially for this release. For libraries and collectors this set is offered in a handmade box, bound in striking Sierra Bluegreen cloth and foil stamped with Oda’s inimitable signature.


The Rincón Notebooks

ISBN: 978-0-9899228-5-2
dimensions: 7” x 9”
publication date: February, 2018

The Rincón Notebooks, is the newest title from Missing Links Press by author Brian Unger. This surfing tale of woe and love is set in the capital of Caribbean surfing, Rincón, Puerto Rico. A microcosm of Puerto Rico’s colonial political status, and a window into the ex-pat life of the North American gringo community, The Rincón Notebooks also examines Zen Buddhist practice in the surfing community.


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The Face of Buddha

ISBN: 978-0-9899228-45
dimensions: 6” x 8 5/8”
publication date: February, 2017

The Faces of Buddha began as an exhibit at the California College of the Arts as part of their “100 Day Project,” in which each participant repeated the same artistic activity for one hundred days. This became a perfect opportunity for exploration by MLP founder Thomas Ingalls, who is a Zen Buddhist practitioner. Over 100 days Tom photographed the variety of ways in which the Buddha is depicted and celebrated. Contributing editor John Miller curated a diverse selection of quotes, from ancient Buddhist texts to modern literature, to accompany a weekly image of the Buddha in this collection. Every week you can turn to a new image and quote about the Buddha, which we hope will provide inspiration and delight for the year ahead ~


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Jane Hirshfield Keepsake

dimensions: 7 5/8” x 11”
publication date: February, 2015
edition of: 100

Image from her poetry book printed in color accompanied by one of the best poems from the group titled "myness".

Perfect to frame as gentle reminder of the beauty of image and text side by side.


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Poetry And Artist Series Cards

dimensions: 5” x 7”
Set of 5 plus 5 envelopes
publication date: October 3rd, 2017

Individual or a set of 5, these cards showcase the art and texts of authors and artists we have published. Printed in rich color on the front with text letter pressed on the inside. The perfect cards for gifting individually or with one of our books as a companion.


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by Jane Hirshfield

ISBN: 978-0-9899228-3-8 price: $175
dimensions: 5.15” x 9.5”
publication date: November 20, 2014

Limited edition of 150 copies, signed by the author. 32 pages of text and artwork with wrap-around cover. Letterpress printed in 3 colors for the interior and 2 colors for the cover by Dependable Letterpress, San Francisco. The cover is Gmund Gentleman Blue 111# Cover paper, the text is Crane's Lettra Unwatermarked 80# text. Hand bound in a unique wrap binding, scored and hand sewn by John Demerritt Bookbinding in Emeryville, California. Design & typography by Kseniya Makarova and Thomas Ingalls of Ingalls Design, San Francisco.

A selection of poems, each of whose titles begins with the word “my,” conducting between them what author Jane Hirshfield has called  “a distinct conversation and meditation on the self, its doings and undoings, its sweetness and grief.”  The accompanying images are apt extensions of that conversation: atomic tracings taken from bubble chamber experiments in physics, they point toward and are drawn by the world of no-self. In the pages of minus/my-ness, the material of the outer world collaborates with the shifting, questioning perspective of inner life in unexpected, and multiple ways, as explored by the hand of one of the master, quietly Zen-influenced, poets of our time.


My Chair

I moved my chair into the sun
I sat in the sun
the way hunger is moved when called fasting.


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by all means, A Zen Cautionary Tale

by Edward Brown and Margot Koch

ISBN: 978-0-9899228-0-7 price: $19.95
dimensions: 6” by 9” (Soft Cover, perfect bound)
publication date: April 1, 2014

As the cover advises, this is a “Zen Cautionary Tale.” But against what exactly are we to be cautioned? The darkness that may lurk beneath the safe refuge of childhood memories? The ordinary life you may find yourself living after all the spiritual aspirations? The inevitable way every little thing in the universe is hitched to everything else (and time is not a one-way street)? Perhaps it’s simply a warning that Zen practice could lead to talking with stuffed animals—and you don’t know what they will say!

Edward Brown takes us on a winding tale through the real-life events of a stuffed piggy named Ponce, whose path suddenly crosses with that of an imaginary person, named, at times, Edward. The challenges of their everyday lives and lucid perceptions lead ultimately towards a most singular moment of enlightenment and mutual recognition.

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Found Dharma Talks

by Genine Lentine

ISBN: 978-0-615-82458-1 price: $12 | $48 deluxe
dimensions: 8 ½” x 3 ¾” book, 10” x 8” in envelope (Soft Cover, Saddle Stitch)
publication date: 2013

A collection of 18 infinitely small poems from a poet with an exquisite ear for the insights she finds in the most ordinary encounters.

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Haptics: Among Callanish Standing Stones

Haptics: Among Callanish Standing Stones

by Stephen Vincent

ISBN: 978-0-9899228-2-1 price: $150 through June 1; $250 thereafter
dimensions: 3¾” by 10¼” (Accordon fold, silk over board)
publication date: May 20, 2014

The Callanish Standing Stones on the Isle of Lewis in the outer Hebrides compose, after Stonehenge, one of the largest megalithic sites in Northern Europe. Its 49 stones are estimated to have been carved and erected over 5,000 years ago. While making the haptic drawing marks on site for this haunting & sensual volume, the artist writes in the afterword:

The wind off the sea is constant. The ghostly, granite figures rise tall across the landscape, thick & thin, as if actors in a ritual driven play. One legend says the stones were actually giants, evil ones, who did terrible things. The local witches froze their shapes into stone. To be the site of life giving ritual would be their redemption.

Summer Solstice begins to claim the site; ink pens variously in hand, with back against one stone or another, protected from an insistent late spring sun and wind, the work is an unveiling…

We welcome your interest.

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49 Fingers, A Collection of Modern American Koans

by Michael Wenger

ISBN: 978-0-9899228-0-7 price: $20
dimensions: 6” by 9” (Soft Cover, perfect bound)
publication date: 2012

With the addition of 16 new koans and 22 paintings, 49 Fingers is a continuation of Dairyu Michael Wenger’s earlier 33 Fingers, a collection of modern American koans. These are gentle koans, discrete and spacious; it is a characteristic that also takes the form of the book. What comes across in Michael Wenger’s koans is a diligent care – affection – that usually doesn’t manifest as immediately in earlier koan collections. Meeting the questions that arise between teacher and student is a celebration of who we are in that meeting/expression.

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